5 Best Electronic Mouse Traps in 2023

If you have a mouse problem, and want to get rid of them for good, then an electronic mouse trap is the way to go. These traps are humane (you don’t need to kill mice) and will catch any mice that come near your house. We’ve compiled a list of the five best electronic mouse traps on the market so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Electronic Mouse Traps


The range of cost for these traps is wide, but you should expect to spend between $30-$100. You can find cheaper ones if you’re on a tight budget, or more expensive ones with fancier features and less chance of malfunction.


Some mouse traps have bait cups that are easy to fill with food while others require preloaded cartridges; some come equipped with flashing lights that will attract mice better than your average trap; and so forth. It all depends on what would work best for your situation in terms of ease-of-use and effectiveness.

Ease Of Use

Not every electronic mouse trap is as simple to set up as it looks in pictures. Sorting through the instructions and deciding how to set up your trap can be difficult if you’re not really into that sort of thing.


These traps are completely humane, so you don’t need to worry about hurting the mouse. Just put some peanut butter or cheese in it and wait!

5 Best Electronic Mouse Traps

Victor M250S Electronic Mouse Trap

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Victor M250S Electronic Mouse Trap is the best solution when you want to kill mice fast. You don’t have to wait for poison—one touch kills the rodent in seconds.

Light up LEDs tell you when it’s time to empty the trap, and your Victor M250S has a sleek looks and child-friendly design so you can stop worrying about what chemicals are running rampant in your home.

Chemical-free bait allows you an environmentally conscious way of stopping rats from infesting your space with their odor right away. This electronic trap does the work for you: wirelessly chases them down as they sneak and then zaps them with a high-voltage shock that kills in seconds. 

The Victor’s low profile design mounts discretely inside any wall passageway or small hole out of sight while still being able to capture those pesky rodents that avoid glue traps everyday! Once killed, dispose of animal safely and clean the trap.

OWLTRA OW-2 Electric Mouse Trap

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There’s a lot of things to be afraid of. Labradoodles, welfare queens, and the IRS. That rat in your kitchen just got added to the list. A 4AA-set battery gets this durable electronic rodent trap humming like an outboard motor on a pair of squeaky sneakers.

With improved dual infrared sensors, Owltra OW-2 is safe for your family and pets. The no-escape design will render any rodent immobile whilst it delivers 6,000-9,000 volts of shock when they’re detected by its high tech sensor. 

Unlike traps with springs or pole pins, OWLTRA OW-2 Electric Mouse Trap features two infrared sensors that activate when it senses a rodent inside—protecting children and pets while not triggering false alarms like other models.

You’ll need one for every floor of your home to ward off invasions once it starts feeling more bloated than well-fed… but at least you won’t have to worry about monster rats jumping onto your couch anymore!

Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

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Victor’s Multi-Kill electronic mouse trap is a high voltage, humane way to kill mice instantly. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of killing opportunistic rodents unless it’s by some form of more natural, less invasive method. But these aren’t your average mindless rat. They’re cunning and stealthy enough to find their way into homes where they can wreak havoc with wiring, contaminate packaged food supplies and cause health hazards that lead back to you!

Thankfully Victor has an easy solution: This smart rodent killing machine kills up to 10 mice in one go by giving them a quick, painless electric shock and removes bodies through its collection drawer for easy disposal (no need for icky traps or poison!).

With the green LED light indicating when a kill has been made and removable collection tray for easy cleanup, this is one product that will help protect what matters most to you.

With 100% accuracy, this effective alternative to traditional catch and release methods is the perfect solution for any household dealing with a rodent infestation.

Ebung Electric Mouse Trap

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No one likes rat infestations, but what’s worse than a squeak in the dark? Waiting for hours of nothing to try and again only hearing a terrifying “squeak” that drove everyone insane… or even worse waiting for it happen again. This new, innovative, and sustainable invention is an electric trap that includes both 7kv power as well as s sensor so you can be assured your house will not have any more unwelcome visitors. Now get the peace of mind without having to worry!

You know your home has been invaded by rats once you start seeing droppings all over your floor- marking their territory. With this amazing product design not only will we prevent this from happening in the future; with just one zap, we can also be sure to get rid of rats that are already living in your home.

Rat Zapper Classic RZC001-4 Indoor Electronic Rat Trap

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Offering a high-voltage shock that’s humane and easy to use, the Rat Zapper Classic RZC001-4 kills mice and average size rats. With an LED light that notifies you of any catches make for effective rat control on an individual basis! Simply put in some bait, turn it on, place the trap near unintended areas (e.g. food), and never touch another dead rodent again!

This convenient item is available now online at Lowes.com and comes with 4 “AA” batteries which allow up to 20 successful captures before needing more power.

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