5 Best EDC Knives in 2023

EDC knives are an essential tool for any outdoorsman. They can be used to cut cord, clean fish, and even as a self-defense weapon in the event of an emergency. It is important that you choose the right knife for your needs. In this blog post, we will review 5 of the best EDC knives on the market today!

Factors to Consider When Buying EDC Knives?

There are many factors to consider when buying EDC knives. Whether you want a folding knife or fixed blade, the right size for your hand, and price of course! to fit the shape of your hand.

Knife Length: The size and shape of your EDC knife is largely dependent on the tasks that you need it to do. If you mostly use your knives for fine cutting, then a smaller blade will work best. However, if you’re more often using them for heavy duty tasks like batoning or chopping wood, then larger blades are better suited as they can provide greater force when needed.

Steel Type: This is largely dependent on budget but there’s many different types that offer specific advantages depending on needs such as high carbon steel which offers durability at an affordable price point whereas stainless steel provides rust prevention combined with affordability over time. Remember also that other features will contribute to blade cost, so make sure not for comfort, or simple straight handles which are easy to grip on the fly.

Blade Length: Blade length is an important consideration when choosing your EDC knife as it greatly affects weight and maneuverability of the blade. The average blade length ranges from three inches up to four inches in order for blades to provide a good balance between portability and task efficiency. Larger blades can be more difficult to manage due to their extra width not allowing them inside pockets like traditional knives would, but can also offer greater control over larger tasks such as wood carving where precision cutting is necessary.

Tang: Another factor that should be taken into account when purchasing an EDC knife is tangs; full tangs provide stability during use while half tangs might not be able to withstand the same levels of force.

Inlays: Inlay patterns can provide a decorative touch to your blade or offer some form of meaning and symbolism, like Navajo inlays that are often used as talismans for protection against mundane dangers.

Blade grinds: Blade sharpness is determined by how much metal goes from edge to backside; a more steep angle will lead to more acute edges but might also make it difficult on easily slicing soft materials such as paper. A lesser angle provides broader cutting surfaces which means less frequent resharpening, but may not cut with the same level of accuracy.

Handle Size & Shape: For individuals with smaller hands, make sure to choose an EDC knife that has a handle size which matches their hand dimensions in order to keep from experiencing finger cramping during extended periods of outdoor activity where there’s little time between uses. Handles come in many shapes such as ergonomic grips made specifically

5 Best EDC Knives

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife

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The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife features a VG-10 blade with a high-performance flat grind for maximum precision. It is one of the most comfortable and lightweight knives available, perfect as an every day carry knife.

Designed to be both lightweight and easy to carry around with you, this is the knife for those who are looking for something small but efficient. The Dragonfly has left/right handed tip up wire clip which offers quick access to your knife so it’s always there when you need it! 

The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife is a great choice for carrying everyday for those who like smaller blades. This balisong-style knife features handle textured in the popular “jimping” system, and screw-together construction. The VG-10 blade has a bi-directional texture that offers traction every which way you turn it, and comes with a left/right hand tip up wire clip.

Kershaw Blur Knife

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The Blur by Kershaw is a big knife that’s perfect for multitasking. The strategically designed blade shape offers excellent slicing and piercing capabilities, while the tough Sandvik steel offers great corrosion resistance and hardness – making it a long-lasting contender. Carry it with you on your hip or in your pocket – this compact powerhouse will prove invaluable to you when using less might not be an option.

The Kershaw Blur Knife constructed with a Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade and Trac-Tec inserts in your comfortable, soft handle. The 3.4 inch clip point knife offers corrosion resistance and hardness while still being able to perform as well as an everyday knife should be expected to do.

It is a steel blade with a DLC coating that’s ideal for multitasking. It features both excellent slicing and piercing, along with high-performance Sandvik 14C28N stainless blade steel which offers great corrosion resistance and hardness.

Carbon Blade No7 Folding Knife

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The Carbon Blade No7 Folding Knife is your new best friend. With a sleek and lightweight design, this knife will go from chopping vegetables to carefully filleting fish for dinner in the blink of an eye.

Crafted using high quality materials with enough power to spare, this knife may be small but it can still cut through any tough job you’re faced with. The Beech Wooden handle feels safe in your palm as well while having one heck of an attractive look that would fit into any scene without sticking out too much on its own.

This miniature powerhouse also comes at a fantastic price point; all that’s left to do is choose which side is best for you!


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The SOG FSAT98-CP EDC Knife makes a great companion in life’s daily affairs because it is lightweight and easy to carry. The 3.5 inch stainless steel blade cuts well, while having serrated edges for edging tasks or cutting rope when needed!

Opening this high quality folding knife is assisted and single handed with its speed opening tech; the Piston Lock keeps everything tight, so you can use your knife safely without fear of disturbing the blade alignment.

The Flash II Tanto’s 3.5 inch stainless steel partially serrated pocket knife blade makes it versatile; lightweight at just under three ounces with a glass-reinforced nylon grip that can also withstand extreme temperatures, these knives are easy to open single-handed and always stick to hand size.

With a glass reinforced nylon handle for security and comfort, this drop point folder has all of your on-the-go needs covered – now stop searching around like a lost dog (or cat!) and invest in yourself with one today!

Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Pocket Knife

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Whether you’re looking for an everyday finder, self-defense weapon, or the perfect gift—the Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Pocket Knife is perfect. With a high performance blade and durable handle, this knife will be able to meet any task.

It’s so easy to carry that it’ll never leave your pocket. No matter if you need precision cuts in tight spaces, self-defense against animals or combat soldiers as part of your duty requirements or just want a sharp blade at your disposal for every day tasks—this knife may be the one you’re looking for!

Featuring an authoritative blade made of S350V stainless steel, Non-reflective black Tungsten DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)blade coating paired up with sleek black G10 Handle Scales that are very easy to clean will last long periods without corrosion and wear, making this a knife you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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