6 Best Detachable Keychains in 2023

Keychains are among the most favorite accessories of the people today. It can also be ideal gifts for your family and friends. One of the most trending in the market today is the detachable keychains.

The best way to protect your keys is by using a detachable keychain. These are easy to carry and can be attached to almost anything. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs so you can choose the one that suits your personality best! Detachable keychains also have some added benefits such as being lightweight, waterproof, and durable. It’s important to keep track of your keys but it’s just as important where they’re located when not in use. Our post contains reviews of the top six detachable keychains on Amazon based on ratings and price point with pros/cons for each option listed below:

6 Best Detachable Keychains

The following are the 5 best detachable keychains that you can select for your needs.

Freeman KEYQC3 Pull Apart Coupler Keychain with 2 Split Rings

Discover an efficient way to keep you keys organized. The Freeman KeyQC3 offers a simple solution to separating your house, business, and car keys with ease.

Keep the KEYQC3 on your wrist and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting which keys are for what purpose again. This 3-pack features 2 split rings, a quick coupler sleeve, and high quality construction – everything you need in order to separate all of your keys with these convenient keychains. Whether one is for house, business or car holds 1″ split rings with steel spans closure to ensure durability so they don’t break when pulled open. It’s simple: pull out the keychain from your personal collection and then attach it by aligning each side correctly. So easy!

You can easily separate keys with two 1” split rings to secure your keys and other accessories. Heavy duty aluminum constructions with spring-loaded ball bearing coupling mechanism make the design durable. All keychains come on a package of three double sided detachable side chains per order! Buy three or more packs and save up to 20%.

eBoot Detachable Pull Apart Keychains

There’s probably a few places you like to keep your keys. It could be on the front of your belt where it’ll ruin that perfect outfit and get tangled in the knot, or let’s not forget how hard they are to find when you’re putting them away! The eBoot Detachable Keychain is an old-school way to ensure that your keys wont be lost or worn down any time soon.

It comes complete with 2 bright stainless steel split rings that will never rust, a nickel finish that won’t wear out easy, and features a one inch diameter pipe designed to hold keys securely so they don’t jingle around as you go through your day! Press down on the plunger and voila! 2 keyrings will emerge so you can stay in charge of those keys – not just with your hands but now with yours eyes too! You know how much we love it when something gets dual duty around here (don’t answer that). So what do you need detaching?


  • It is constructed from stainless steel with durable, bright silver nickel finish.
  • It can be availed in 5 packs, and you can depress the plunger and 2 parts separately.
  • The keychain comes with 2.1-inch diameter split rings, and its total length is 3.2 inches.
  • This detachable keychain can be fastened to handbag, belt, mini clue card, keyring and more.
  • It also comes with 5 key ring holders.
  • It features creative and innovative design.


  • Some users said that some of the keychains could be easily broken.

Idakey Zinc Alloy Detachable Keychain

Holding the IDAKEY KEYQC3 in my hands, I find it much heavier than I’d expected. This seems like an unimportant detail until you realize that the product is made of solid construction and metal alloy. What makes this keychain so different from others? It’s all about fashion! The “8 shape design” is one-of-a-kind, whether you’re looking for a more fancy keychain or a cheaper option to something fancier–we have what you need. But don’t think flashy colors are all there is to this model: it can be used as either an elegant home key ring combo or even as attached rings on other gadgets such as bags!


  • It is available in gray color which is useful for both men and women.
  • It has a stylish 8 shape design having 2 elegant handmade key rings.
  • The Idakey Zinc Alloy keychain can be attached to your car key.
  • It is durable and manufactured from zinc alloy material which is a hardness material.
  • It is easy to operate and convenient to carry.
  • Idakey Zinc Alloy keychain can be purchased with a gift box, so it is ideal for giving as a gift.
  • It comes with 18 months warranty and excellent customer service.


  • Some said that the looks can still be enhanced.

Honbay 10 Pcs Detachable Keychains

Silver is always the good choice when it comes to key chains. The silver finish these key chain rings are made of won’t lose its shine, either. Every one else has a metal that fades over time, but not this dramatic design! Silver doesn’t just look great now, either — it can last for years!

Some people might not want to have anything causing noise in their pocket with all that skinny jeans merchandise they’re sporting. That’s why our company offers the silent models so you can carry keys without disturbing anyone sitting near you on an airplane passenger or two, down at the food court.


  • The Honbay 10 pcs detachable keychains has a length of 3.2 inches or 80 mm. It comes with depressing the plunger and 2 parts separately.
  • It is nickel plated for a more elegant look.
  • It has a bright silver color that makes it more attractive.
  • The product is made from top quality steel material for its durability.


  • It is only limited to a bright silver color.

Olivery Valet Detachable Keychain

We have something awesome to share with you – it’s the OLIVERY Valet Keychain! This sturdy and sleek key holder is made from high grade, polished stainless steel. Why take your keys all over town when they can be kept at your side ? The smooth design makes adding or removing keys quick and easy. Plus, these fashionable yet functional pieces are a beautifully crafted masterpiece that will keep you on point.

You can hold your keys in a snap with the sleek design made from integrated molding and supported by an elegant, classic, timeless art piece that will complement any outfit or bag! This key holder not only makes holding your keys easy but also looks good doing it! So step up what’s hanging at you hips and get ready for some lovin’ on these keys with our OLIVERY Valet Keychain today!


  • The Olivery Valet Detachable keychain comes in a gift box.
  • It doesn’t easily bend, rust and break because of its exceptional durability.
  • It is available in a wallet-friendly cost of $12.95.
  • It is polished with a silver plated stainless steel form advance integrated molding.
  • It has an elegant, classic and timeless design that everyone will love.


  • It is available in limited color.

KeySmart MagConnect-Quick Keychain

The KeySmart MagConnect attaches to the loops on your belt loop and your keys, keeping them together with a strong magnet. Without bulky pockets or frustrating digging in purses, you’ll be able to get any key right when you need it!

The KeySmart MagConnect has revolutionized how you connect your keys to your bag. Crafted with a durable aluminum, this lightweight key holder features two hooks that magnetically attach together in the middle via super strong magnets on either end. Install it on any belt loop or strap to free up space in tight pockets and also improve access when searching for those elusive keys while sitting down – all within seconds!


  • This keychain can offer easy access to your keys.
  • It can be easily installed to your purse, bag, and others.
  • It is equipped with a sturdy magnet that can withstand up to 3 Ibs of weight. With this, your keys are securely attached to the keychain.
  • It is the perfect gift for your loved ones.


  • The design can still be improved.


If you want elegant and more innovative detachable keychain, you can choose from the products mentioned above. They have different features that will suit your needs.

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