5 Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums in 2023

It is finally Fall! Autumn leaves are falling, the weather is getting cooler and pumpkin spice lattes are on their way. You can’t enjoy these amazing things without a little help from your vacuum cleaner. Cordless leaf vacuums have become very popular because they make it easier to clean up your yard this time of year. They also don’t need any cords so you can take them anywhere your lawn needs some love! This blog post will introduce five of our favorite cordless vacuums available now.

Factors to Consider When Buying Cordless Leaf Vacuums

  • Consider the weight of your vacuum. A cordless leaf vacuum with a heavier battery will work longer than one with a lighter battery, but it can be difficult to carry if you don’t have enough upper body strength.
  • Look for a light or adjustable handle so that you can pick up and use this product without straining your back.
  • Consider the surface you will be cleaning with this product. If it is a rough or bumpy landscape, then look for something that has good traction on different terrain and won’t slide around as easily when in use.
  • Look for an adjustable height setting so that if there are both short and tall plants to clean up, you can switch the height of your vacuum to accommodate.
  • Look for a cordless leaf vacuum with a long battery life, so that it won’t quit on you in the middle of cleaning!

5 Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower 

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The Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower is the best choice for all your projects at home. Easily convert from a blower to a vacuum head tool so you never have to miss out on any of your indoor and outdoor tasks because of an incompatible accessory!

With up to 21 minutes of run time, this cordless blower will keep your projects moving along without needing more power in case things get a little tougher than expected. The high-powered brushless motor will give you professional results that last through all sorts of uses and difficult jobs. And with variable speeds and a turbo button, there’s no job that the Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower can’t conquer.

ENERTWIST Cordless Leaf Blower

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A sleek design and innovative features make the Enertwist cordless blower a must-have for any home with outdoor landscaping needs. With a lightweight 3.5 lb tool weight, this unit is easy to operate by anyone in your yard! 

The Enintwist has two-speed modes ranging from 1000 RPMs up to 17700 RPMs so you have power when you need it most. Plus, with its 20V rechargeable battery powered by 2000mAh Lithium-ion cells, this is one convenient machine that doesn’t require cords and can run up to 50 minutes on a single charge—even more if used in low voltage mode (500mA).

BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 Lithium Blower and Vacuum

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The BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 Lithium Blower and Vacuum come loaded with features to make cleaning a breeze. With a 40-volt lithium-ion battery, you’ll get plenty of runtime for all your tasks, powered by Power Command controls. The soft grip seal handle makes this lightweight vacuum easy to carry around and the bowling bag catches even more debris than any other blower on the market!

This handy outdoor cleaning tool converts smoothly from blower to vacuum – saving you lots of time by cutting down on steps and lessening your chance of losing items. Dirt and debris are easily collected with this powerful lithium-ion battery-powered cleaner. Take your high-quality decking back to its original beauty by using the blow tube with a built-in scraper option for dirt that has become matted or stuck on surfaces.

With an integrated scraper and fast charger, the Black+Decker LSWV36 Lithium Blower and Vacuum powers through tough tasks with ease. Lightweight and powerful, this vacuum will be your best friend when it comes to household dirt.

WORX WG545.6 20V 2.0Ah Cordless AIR Leaf Blower

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The WORX WG545.6 20V 2.0Ah Cordless AIR Leaf Blower is the perfect product for those who work in or around cars, garages, agricultural buildings, driveways, and yards of all sizes all day long. The cordless design will not limit your movement as you are blowing particulates away from hard-to-reach surfaces and sweeping debris off of shop floors with ease.

The battery life indicator ensures that there is no confusion about power levels and maximizes time use while minimizing change-outs between batteries. Easy to assemble with ultra lightweight design weighing only 3 pounds this blower has plenty of power for even the most stubborn leaves on your property!

Sun Joe IONBV Joe 40v Cordless Blower Vacuum and Mulcher

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The Sun Joe 40v Cordless Blower Vacuum and Mulcher solve all your outdoor cleaning needs with one simple machine. Transform from a blower to a vacuum, mulching leaves in seconds without ever being plugged into an outlet! Waste collection bags are included for convenience—no more raking back the bag full of clippings like you would with a traditional vac.

The patented impeller provides up to 17:1 reduction, which means there’s no need for composting or chemical fertilizers because these high-impact resistant materials shred leaves down to 1/17th their original size, while also giving you breathable air by blowing pollen and allergens away thanks to oversized intake vents. Hassle-free cleanups have never been more fun than with the Sun Joe 40v Cordless Blower Vacuum and Mulcher.

This powerful machine offers a convenient 3-in-1 design for fast and easy leaf cleanup and converts quickly in just seconds. There are no cords or hard work required, making it easier than ever before to clean up your lawn.

Conclusion: We hope this blog post has helped you find the right cordless vacuum for your home and yard. It’s finally Fall! Enjoy it to its fullest by using a cordless leaf vacuum to clean up all of those fallen leaves from your lawn.

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