10 Best Cheap Action Cameras For Under $100

At the first sight, you will say that GoPro cameras are the best for recording the action. You are probably right, but they are expensive, so they are not going to be on our list today! Luckily, there are plenty of other choices worth considering. Yes, you can have a great action camera for under $100. The 5 models below are the best action cameras t in the price range.

If you’re looking for a high quality camera at an affordable price point then we’ve got something special for you! Our budget-friendly action camera is priced under $100 and it offers all of the features that serious users need without any unnecessary bells or whistles. It’s shock proof, waterproof up to 30 feet deep, and records video at 1080p HD resolution with audio! Best of all? You won’t have to break your bank account just to buy one! Click here if you’d like more information about our product…

10 Best Cheap Action Cameras For Under $100

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP

The AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP is the best-selling model in this class. It is a 4K action camera, as you are able to see, so the quality of the recordings will be epic. Besides the most obvious advantage, the camera is also compact, comes with HDMI and Wi-Fi and plenty of free accessories. You can choose the view angle between 70, 110, 140 and 170 degrees. Additionally, we must add that you get 2 rechargeable batteries in the package. The display is IPS and it is 2 inches in diameter. With the waterproof case, the camera can be used under water. Don’t forget that it is rated for depths up to 30 meters or 100 feet. Also, you will use an app in order to transfer the files from the camera to your device.

AKASO Brave 4 is an action camera with the perfect combination of breathtaking clarity and incredible stabilization. With 4K resolution for capturing stunning visuals, this is without a doubt one of the best action cameras on the market since 2018. The waterproof feature means you can take it to extraordinary depths without worrying about anything going wrong! It’s also rigorously tested against all sorts of conditions so that when you invest in a product like this, you know it will last. Get professional-grade videos and preview them live right on your phone thanks to WiFi connectivity! Stay connected to what matters by taking AKASO Brave 4 wherever life takes you.

YI Lite Action Camera

Here we have another exceptional action camera. It has a sensor of 16MP made by Sony and it is paired with 2 inches LCD, touchscreen. As such, navigation is easier than ever. We also like the 130 minutes of battery life, the Wi-Fi which allows for you to download the videos and pictures while 100 meters away and a Bluetooth 4.1 so you can control the camera when 10 meters away from it. The camera isn’t waterproof, but it comes with an optional extra case which will make it water-resistant. Furthermore, the camera offers 9 different shooting modes and automatic IQ balance, which will make your recordings even more professional.

Apexcam 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera

The tested model may be one of the most affordable units out there, but it also comes with some, impressive advantages. First of all, it is a 20MP unit with 4K capability. The biggest advantage, however, is the external mic which makes sound quality so much better. In the package, you get two 1050 mAh batteries which will provide 200 minutes of recording time per each charging. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities are supported as well. You will appreciate the slow motion, loop recording and additional shooting modes that make using the camera simpler and more appealing for those who want more.

AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K/30fps 20MP WiFi Action Camera

AKASO V50 model on our list has plenty to offer. You get a touchscreen display, 20MP sensor and obviously, 4K capability. But, you will also get electronic image stabilization that can make your recordings better than ever. The camera is compatible with an app, available for iOS and Android smartphones. The package includes 1100mAh batteries (2 of them), chargers, wristband, and additional accessories, which are even compatible with GoPro.

IConnTechs IT

Affordable, small and loaded with features are the best words which can be used to describe the IConnTechs IT Action Camera. We liked the fact it comes with CMOS sensor made by Sony and the fact it records in 4K resolution. The camera has a 20MP resolution. Recording under water is possible with the waterproof case and then, you can take this camera up to 30 meters below the surface.

The camera also allows you to record up to 60 pictures in a second when choosing a 1080p resolution. This is preferable for fast-moving scenes. Other than that, the lens has an angle of 170 degrees and details of videos are superb.

YI Action Camera

YI Action Camera is another choice we prefer. It comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. On affordable cameras, this may be a tricky feature to find. Then we have CMOS sensors made by Sony and Panasonic, leaders in the field. For US residents, this video camera is even better. It comes with improved battery life and additional modifications.

The aforementioned Sony sensor has 16MP and it is paired with the ability to choose between 11 different video modes and 4 different photo models. The battery life is 90 minutes, but it will vary, depending on the version of the video camera.

Aokon ARC100 4K

This is a great camera, without a doubt. 12MP sensor and 4K resolution made it more than just great, but this is possible if you know that the original price of the camera is 2 times higher than the price range here! Controlling the camera via the app you can download for Android and iOS devices is a great addition. Place it on the wrist band and control it from a distance up to 10 meters. HDMI is implemented as well.

In the kit, you get a waterproof case, remote controller, and plenty other additions. We liked the ability to choose 2 batteries for the camera when placing an order. Both of them are 1050mAh and they can help you get extra ‘’juice’’ when needed. Modes you can choose include photo, video, burst mode, but also a video look mode.

AKASO EK7000 4K Action Camera

Here we have another video camera worth considering. It is made to be a great value for money, which can be seen if you pay attention to the features and the overall quality. The 4K resolution is just great and the idea quality is something which will impress you. Other things you would appreciate is are the waterproof case, comes in the package and 2 batteries. Combined, they can provide up to 1.5 hours of recording.

2-inch touch screen and the ability to record under 30 meters below surface made this choice a great one! Wi-Fi is available as well. With the app, users can control the camera using their smartphone.

EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera

Two hours of video recording and a great package made this action camera one of the top choices of us many. It is well-made, comes loaded with standard features such as waterproof design (30 meters) and Wi-Fi. The video quality, 4K is just great and a number of details is just perfect. Wrist remote is included as well. It allows you to toggle between the controls easily, while in action.

The lens has a wide angle of 170 degrees, while the sensor is one of the best in the class. Combined, the video quality will be superb at all times. Additionally, this camera is available in gray and black colors.


GoPro action cameras may be the best, but they are not the best in this price range. All models we mentioned here are more than just great and they are highly recommended to those who have a desire to record action all the time. These cameras will make your activities so much better, but at the same time, they won’t be a severe investment you will have to plan. They are something you can afford to have today.

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