6 Best Car Carpet Cleaners in 2023

If you have ever spilled a drink in your car, listened to the dog howl while riding on the freeway and traveled through dusty roads, then chances are that your carpet is filthy. Carpet stains can be tough to remove without professional help because they get deep into the fibers of the carpeting. Fortunately, there are many car carpet cleaners available for purchase online or at retail stores near you! In this article we will review 6 of our favorite car carpet cleaners based on brand name, effectiveness and price range.

What to Look For in Car Carpet Cleaners?

Brand name

There are a lot of different brands that sell car carpet cleaners. Some popular ones include Armor All, Tuf Shine and Turtle Wax. The effectiveness of these products varies from good to great depending on the price you pay for each product.


An inexpensive brand may be less effective but in some cases just as efficient or more so than an expensive one because it is doing more with less!

Price range

When purchasing car carpet cleaners we recommend finding out how much money you have to spend before making your decision about which type to buy. That way, you don’t end up buying something too soon only to find out later down the road that there was another cleaner available at a better price point for what your needs are.

6 Best Car Carpet Cleaners

The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and your car could be next. You’ve done so much to keep your car clean this year; it would be a shame if all that work went to waste when you forgot to get your carpets cleaned. Let’s not let that happen! Here are 6 best carpet cleaners for cars you can buy on Amazon right now:

CarGuys Super Cleaner

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The cleaning industry has forever been one of the most demanding. Now more than ever, businesses need their cleaners to be convenient, eco-friendly and reasonably priced. CarGuys Super Cleaner is a product that can tackle every surface in your establishment without breaking your budget.

With a new formulation containing microencapsulated cleaners that provide: scent neutrality and durability along with biodegradability for indoor or outdoor use; you’ll never have to worry about expensive labor costs again!

CarGuys Super Cleaner is the newest advancement in nanotechnology made to eradicate dirt and grime at a molecular level. With this product, you’ll never have to buy an expensive cleaner for each surface of your car again because Super Cleaner can be used on any surface—paint, fabric, vinyl, leather and chrome – without worry!

Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery Cleaner

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Green-Coral’s broad spectrum of products is made to help you take care of your car and home. With Blue Coral Dri-Clean, get a no nonsense interior cleaner to tackle everyday spills and stains in the automobile or home with this penetrating foam. Get your carpet clean quickly with this innovative formula which lifts dirt off the floor and upholstery areas!

This interior cleaner is an effective grease, tar, coffee, lipstick or ink remover that can easily be used on your car’s carpet or in your house. Simply spray directly onto a spill and watch as the product magically lifts the stain away with its penetrating foam!

This product is also great for removing ground in stains from automotive carpets, upholsretyes, floor mats, among other things! Use it as a stain eliminator indoors or outdoors on clothing too!

Turtle Wax T-246R1 Power Out

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The Turtle Wax T-246R1 Power Out is powerful cleaning that leaves a rugged, silicone shield of protection. It’s safe and effective on both light upholstery or dark patios as well as all types of ground-in stains including coffee, juice, grease, make up and food.

In addition to the safety factor of not leaving behind residue with reeds like chemicals shampooing does by stripping away essential oils from carpets or vinyl which can cause fading over time the power out line literally destroys it all – gently but effectively clean assuredness for any household!

Made from Odor-X odor eliminator to help remove tough greasy stains, this power out cleans any type of upholstery. In addition to cleaning, it leaves a soil repelling silicone shield of protection that lasts for 3 months for your convenience!

Meguiar’s G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

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Meguiar’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is a handheld cleaning solution that, with the help of an activating foam, can penetrate deep into your upholstered surfaces to remove stains without damaging any color or fabric.

The dual-purpose spray gives you control over what area you want clean, while leaving other areas alone so that nothing gets wet by accident. Its professional strength formula removes odors, too.

So if you have a car with carpeting or upholstery in bad condition because of spills and accidents (or just regular wear and tear), Meguiars Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner will leave everything looking like new.

Tuff Stuff Car Cleaner

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When it comes to car care, Tuff Stuff is your go-to product. This car cleaner goes far beyond just getting rid of tough stains. It’s designed for the whole interior and exterior with a unique spray nozzle that delivers heave duty cleaning on all types of messes!

It cleans away deep stains and leaves your car looking like new! The bristle cap on our uniquely designed cleaner helps work the foaming formula into hard to reach spots, while expertly getting it all wiped off and making sure the surface is clean.

You can use this in your garage at home or when taking care of your vehicle anywhere. Make sure every inch of your ride reflects perfection without any unnecessary effort from you by using our scientifically engineered formula today!

Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner

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This is one of the best car cleaners on the market. Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner gently cleans and preserves your dashboard in just five minutes! It’s gentle enough for even the most delicate vehicle parts, like leather seats.

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this product will help preserve clarity and vibrancy in your dashboards – safe from UV rays, fading, or discoloring. You deserve to keep all those new luxury features looking pristine – protect them with Chemical Guys!

In addition to its incredible interior protection qualities, it also brightens up dark fabrics while preventing unpleasant odors from developing over time. Leave this product on fabric surfaces for full effectiveness.

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