5 Best Camping Lanterns in 2023

Camping lanterns are great for those who love spending time outdoors. Whether you’re camping or just enjoying a night out in the backyard, there’s nothing quite like sitting outside at night with your loved ones, talking and laughing beneath the stars. Camping lanterns provide plenty of light to see what you’re doing without compromising on your view of the sky. Below are 5 of our favorite camping lanterns that will help make this experience even more memorable!

What to Look For in a Camping Lantern?

Light Output: Brightness is the most important thing to look for in a lantern. If your lantern doesn’t have enough brightness, you’ll end up using it less often, and that’s also when accidents happen. However, if there’s too much of an output then the light can become harsh on the eyes and disturb those around you.

Battery Life: Lanterns need plenty of juice to operate so battery life is another crucial factor worth noting. The longer your batteries last between charges or cycles, the more time you’ll get out of them before they need replacing!

Style/Design: Like anything else in our lives nowadays, we’re all looking for something unique and interesting – which led us down this list of the best camping lanterns.

Camping: Campers will need a lantern that can withstand rain and other elements, so it’s important look for one with an IP rating of 67 or higher to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

Price Range: One common misconception about these types of products is they’re all expensive – but there are some great options available at various price ranges from 12 dollars to over 1000 bucks! So be sure to spend time looking around before deciding which is right for you.

5 Best Camping Lanterns For Your Needs

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

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The perfect light to illuminate your next camping trip, this ultra-bright flashlight is surprisingly compact and takes up almost no space. Its 360 degree beam will cover the deep dark for miles around you on a moonless night. Even if it’s cloudy or raining, this gadget is still more powerful than any other when powered by a standard lithium ion battery which lasts 3 times as long as conventional LED camp lights.

This exclusive design with aircraft grade materials also guarantees your investment against water droplets and major falls onto hard surfaces such heavy duty plastic won’t scratch or crack so don’t have anything but outdoor adventures in mind!

The quick release dials at either side let you quickly change between modes without touching any icky surfaces (or spiders). All this and it’s waterproof – just be sure to avoid prolonged submersion though, fish might not like us as much afterward.

Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern

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This 4-pack of collapsible LED lanterns are perfect for campers. When you’re chasing the sunset, they give a 360 degree radius and amazing clarity to your campsite so that you can always see everything around.

The LED light on this lantern also gives off up to 16 hours of runtime in lantern mode with 3 AA batteries, which is plenty of time for longer trips. Four spectacular lights modes make them even more versatile: as sparkling 360 degree lantern, directional flashlight spotlighting where security or cooking is needed in tents, red night vision mode when you need it dark for dinner but still want to be able to see inside your tent easily–and lastly a high-intensity flashing SOS strobe mode for emergencies.

Campers dump away meals so gnarled that a bear would grimace but we know from experience that good LED lanterns will sit nicely in any campsite mug holder. With rugged construction and large capacity battery life, you’ll be prepared for any occasion – whether emergencies happen or not!

E-TRENDS Compact LED Lantern

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The new E-TRENDS Lightweight Portable Camping Lantern is perfect for the rugged outdoorsman or adventure seeker looking to explore any unforeseen dark areas.

Three simple settings – daylight colored, dimmer white light and bright white emergency red light – provide a versatile way to always have your hands free! With its durable and water resistant ABS materials, hanging hook design that can hold up to 100 pounds, you’ll make sure this portable lantern goes from outings with your friends on the trails to adventures camping anywhere.

The high setting offers maximum brightness, so you’ll never be without light again no matter where you are. The only thing more impressive than the versatility of this lantern are the unending moments where you will be lost in awe of its brightness at night when it illuminates an entire campsite or backyard barbecue party like nothing else before!

MalloMe Camping Lantern

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There’s nothing worse than standing in the dark. Whether you’re lost, camping or your electricity has gone out, a MalloMe Camping Lantern will give you light for hours on end with little to no energy consumption.

MalloMe Camping Lanterns are as portable and compact as your smartphone! Powered by an environmentally-friendly power source – LED bulbs that last for hours on a low consumption battery.

The sleek collapsible design is easy to take anywhere and it can be opened up as wide as needed depending on how much natural light you need to see by. Durable enough not only for outdoor adventures but also an everyday use at home during summer storms or winter power interruptions these gems are the perfect addition to any backpack or emergency kit.

Etekcity Camping Lantern

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Dual-functionality: Have you ever been camping before and found yourself needing a lantern with an on/off switch? This one’s for you. Camping can be tough, especially when there is no light. Now, all your worries are solved with the Etekcity LED Camping Lantern!

It has 30 low consumption LEDs to give 360 degrees of luminous lighting. The pre-installed AAs let this camper stay out all night long without running out of power! Even though it lasts up to 30 hours continuously, its bright yet not blinding; perfect for your tent or cabin. Dual protective functions make this lantern sturdy enough for any rugged camping excursion–even against accidental falls and water splashes (IP54).

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