5 Best Beginner Surfboards in 2023

What’s the best beginner surfboard for you? This is a question that many people ask themselves before they purchase their first board. The answer to this question largely depends on your size and skill level as well as what kind of waves you’ll be riding. For those who are looking to get into surfing, or for anyone who wants a board for mellower waves, check out these boards!

5 Best Beginner Surfboards

Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard

Wavestorm 8' Surfboard
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The Wavestorm surfboard is the perfect addition to commence a memorable summer of surfing. Surfers of all abilities will enjoy the soft foam construction for added flexibility and control, combined with an EPS core, which provides you with added stability.

The Water Barrier Skin crosslink top deck and rails keeps your board light-weight and dry in salty water. On top of this excellent feature, it also has high density polyethylene slick bottom skin to provide protection against scrapes from rocks or gravel while paddling out to waves on shoreline beaches.

You can choose between one-inch felt pads for better traction or sliding nylon pad for feet comfort beneath your neoprene ankle leash strap as well!

South Bay Board Co. Guppy Surfboard

South Bay Board Co Guppy Surfboard
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Grab your boardshorts and a light shirt for the day because there’s no better way to spend your saturday than out on Bay with friends and family! With its easy design, durable material, and custom designs it’s guaranteed that this will be an amazing season.

South bay board co. brings you Guppy surfboards which have rounded nose as well as widened chest area making it easier to pop-up in whispy waves while also preventing nose-diving! This board is one of a kind from the pulled paint stripe to the closed cell foam core fiberglass rod with decorative wicks running along them – all so that we can guarantee comfort even when caught in rough current at Twilight Beach! You’ll never regret having this board in your arsenal of surfboards!

Boardworks Froth Soft Top Surfboard

Boardworks Froth Soft Top Surfboard
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Froth is a reputation for everything getting done, and the Boardworks Froth Soft Top Surfboard will go along with it. Sitting at 6’8″ in length and coming in at 19 pounds, this woodie can take anything that you’ve got to dish out.

From beginner learners to seasoned pros – the Froth Soft Top has what it takes to have a good time and keep challenging you! What’s more is that the construction of foam over glass ensures maximum user friendliness as well as durability which makes any time on the water fun regardless of your skill level. Made specifically for those who love braving big waves or catching some early morning swells; from California to Australia there are endless opportunities waiting for you – so get your gea andr surfboard and catch a wave!

Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard

Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard
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Surfboards are the embodiment of surfing culture and heritage. The design process for this surfboard begins with careful study on how a traditional, cruiser style board should be designed.

The Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard is soft foam construction and has a classic surfboard shape with an EPS core, 3 Stringer System, high density HDPE polyethylene Slick bottom skin exclusive brushed color graphic art deck. It comes with removable bolt thru fins, ankle leash, traction pad, and soft board sock cover for protection. This board is great for beginners who are under 200 pounds that want to feel out the water before investing in a higher end one.

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board
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The Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboard is perfect for new riders and those who are up to 140lbs. For the advanced surfer, this board offers a slick bottom with wooden stringers for sturdiness on land and easy maneuverability in water. 

The Loding Soft Surfboard has an EPE deck laminated with EPS cores and PP hard bottom which gives you maximized performance as well as strength at 129% lighter weight than other boards. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Surfboards for Beginners

Before buying a surfboard, there are many factors to consider.

Your Skill Level

The first one, and most important, is your skill level. If you have never ridden before, an easier board is needed. This will help you to learn to stand up and ride the waves without becoming overwhelmed by the experience. A good beginner board for somebody with little or no surfing experience would be one that is made of foam.

There are many different sizes available depending on what type of waves you want to ride. For beginners who want to ride bigger waves, a shorter board may be necessary so that the tail doesn’t drag on the wave behind them as they go up and down.


Long boards are better for taller riders and short boards for shorter riders. The size of the board is also an important consideration because it will affect how well you surf. Longer and wider boards are better for beginners who want to ride bigger waves, while short and narrow ones work best on smaller waves or in warmer climates where currents aren’t as strong.

Style of Surfing

There are many different break styles out there but they all require a little bit different kind of board. Beach breaks need more buoyant materials like foam so that your wave doesn’t knock you down before you have time to stand up again.

Reef breaks need durable material such as fiberglass so that when scraping over coral reefs, it won’t be easily damaged by it. Point breaks need a board that is more maneuverable and can go sideways so it doesn’t get stuck in one spot on the wave face while surfing.


For beginner riders, some good boards for mellower waves are foam or soft top shortboards with medium widths around 23″-25″. This will help them learn how to stand up and ride without being overpowered by big waves which may be difficult for someone who has never ridden before.

Riding larger waves requires either longer boards (with wider tails) or shorter ones depending on skill level; this also depends on your weight as well because heavier people require a thicker tail where lighter people could use something thinner like polyurethane.

Where You Live

If you’re from California, the surf may be consistent but it will also be colder and more challenging to ride because of stronger currents in the water. In warm climates like Florida, waves are less frequent but they are usually smaller and warmer so boards that are shorter and narrower work best here.

Finding a board for your particular location is important because it depends on what type of waves exist there as well as how large those waves typically get.

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