10 Best Atom Packages for Web Development

The following are the 10 Best and Recommended Atom Packages that you can use.

Auto-Close HTML

This is the number 1 kind of Atom Packages that you can use. This Auto-Close HTML can close and open the HTML tags when you forgot to close it. This will help you in choosing which tag is suitable to complete your inline.


Emmet will give the authority in your designing code to use the different kinds of abbreviations. This package will help you to get easier access to your CSS and HTML code. This Emmet Atom Package will also help you to make the longer structure into a shorter one.

Open Recent File/Folder

Open Recent File/Folder will help you to have easier and faster access to your work without any delay.


Different languages have their different Linter. In this Atom package, you are in need to install first the Linter you are in need to use according to your language. This kind of Atom Package- The Linter will help you to determine the source code.


In previous years, it is tough to determine the colored codes of a certain CSS file. But in today’s time, worry no more! Because with the use of this package- the Pigments will help you to have easier and faster access with the colored codes of the CSS File. It can scan and determine the color of the codes of your CSS file.

Atom Beautify

This is one of the most important Atom Package that you can use. This is the Atom Beautify that can give you the codes that are clearer and easier to read. You can use this package in just one part of the text or the whole text. This will make your code clearer and easier to read and make the development of the file easier and faster.

File Icons

This will help you in organizing your different files in a more structured way. This File Icons will help you through putting different color icons in your different files. This will help you to find your file in an easier and faster way.


Teletype will help your co-members to be part of your work at the same time. This Teletype will help you to be more knowledgeable about the different codes that you can gain from the other programmers. By doing this, you will know the different methods on how your co-programmer overcome the different circumstances.

Highlight Selected

This Atom package is considered as a convenient package that will help you to have an easier tracking device on tracing all the appearances of the words in a certain file. You can just easily see the words used in another file through double clicking.

Git Plus

This Git plus Atom Package will help you to conduct Git Actions without shifting to Terminal.

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