5 Best Air Curtains in 2023

Air curtains are an excellent way to keep the cold and heat out of your building. They work by creating a barrier between outside air and inside air, so that when you open your door, no cool or hot air enters. Air Curtains can be installed in many different places such as walkways, entrances, loading docks or any other place where there is a large opening for incoming and outgoing traffic. In this blog post we will highlight 5 best rated Air Curtains available on the market today!

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Curtain?

Cost: Pricing will vary depending on the size of the door, and construction materials. It is important to consider how big your opening needs to be in order for it work properly. The cost may also increase if you have a very large building or need multiple air curtains.

Construction Materials: Air curtains are made of two main materials. The first is mesh, which allows airflow (most cost effective). The second is fabric and vinyl, which can increase the durability of the air curtain but also comes at a higher price point.

Location/Purpose: You will need to consider where you want to install your air curtain in order for it to serve its purpose best. If there’s already heating or cooling coming into your building from somewhere else then that might be a good place as well! Your needs may change depending on what time of year it is so make sure you account for this when choosing location.

5 Best Air Curtains

Awoco 36” Super Power 2 Speeds 1200 CFM Commercial Indoor Air Curtain

Awoco 36” Super Power 2 Speeds 1200 CFM Commercial Indoor Air Curtain
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A Super Power 2-speed 1200 CFM Indoor Air Curtain offers maximum protection to keep your interior air conditioner running at peak efficiency allowing you to control the outside with a flip of a switch. This air curtain is great for homeowners, large offices, retail stores and warehouses that want cool air in while keeping hot or cold exterior elements out.

The magnetized door switch allows for convenient operation without any physical contact which also saves on wear and tear in areas where there may be slamming doors often such as schools or libraries.

A 12VDC motor operates this blade fan (36″ x 16″) on low power (600W) by default but will automatically jump up to high power (1200W) when needed delivering faster results against high temperatures.

DuraSteel Aerial Titan

DuraSteel Aerial Titan
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The DuraSteel Aerial Titan is a fan with protective casing that can withstand fire, save energy, and maintain great air circulation. With German electrical engineering this powerful product will filter the air around you keeping all surfaces safe while being eco-friendly.

Ultra-Light and compact design let’s you enjoy features like an optional Hi/Lo/Off switch, powerful Air Volume (1648 CFM) with Protection from 90% of heat and cold air. A fireproof and anti-corrosion coating ensures safety.

And its compact size means it’ll be easy to bring this along on your trips! It boasts 1648CFM which can protect against about 90% of all Heat or Cold air inside the room!

Strongway Air Curtain

Strongway Air Curtain
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In the summer, cold air is a thing you want in-doors. With this stylish and highly effective Strongway Air Curtain, not only will it keep out bugs that can’t be caught by swatting or slamming the door on them, but also all of your competitors’ hot air. This versatile and value priced piece of equipment is perfect for use at entrances where customers either come inside to shop or eat concessions outside.

During winter time too, with cold days yet again looking inevitable even as November falls upon us we are happy to have this order in! It’s always worth investing in high quality durable designs that don’t require special equipment or installation services because those things are truly inconvenient and costly when icky outcomes happen more often than not.

Global Industrial 36″W Air Curtain With Remote Control

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Save energy and keep an airtight seal with your new 36″W Air Curtain! It’ll reduce how much heated/air conditioned air you’re letting out through a door by up to 95%, so stop feeling guilty about the hefty electric bill! And, because this is basically a tier-1 security system for your home, you can take comfort in knowing that flying insects, hazardous fumes, and dirty outside air won’t be getting in anytime soon.

Just turn it on and leave it installed–the built-in remote control has two speeds of operation for any occasion. The oscillating louvers direct high velocity airflow preventing pesky things from entering indoors while maximizing convenience with easy installation options above or next to doors instead of smashing down walls.

Maxwell Commercial Air Curtain with Heavy Duty Door Switch

Maxwell Commercial Air Curtain with Heavy Duty Door Switch (36 Inch)
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Air Curtain does not have to be complicated. There are simple options for any office and Maxwell Air Curtain offers many advantages over what you would expect from clunky old-fashioned air conditioners. Engineered in Brooklyn, New York, the Maxwell Air Curtain has a sleek modern appearance with no visible screws on exterior metal mounting plate or stainless steel cover that is constructed of durable aluminum.

This saves space and energy by completely dividing the inside environment from the outside environment, creating two independent temperature zones insulated by powerful airflow created at low noise levels. With enough airflow power to maintain temperature separation up to 14 feet diagonally through standard doors, Maxwell Air Curtain prohibits Summer heat as well as winter cold while still permitting access of fresh clean air into your building.

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