5 Best 6 Person Tents in 2023

Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature and spend time with friends and family. It also gives you the opportunity to explore new places on your own or with a group of people. For some, sleeping outdoors for extended periods of time is not something they are accustomed to doing, so they need to take extra steps in order make sure their trip goes as smoothly as possible. One important thing that you need when camping out is shelter – which means having a tent!

The following blog post will help inform you about the best 6 person tents available on the market today so that you can start planning your next outdoor adventure!

What to Look for in a 6 Person Tent?

Durable – You want a tent that is going to last and not tear or break down in the elements. A good, quality one will be able to withstand rain, wind, snow as well as harsh sunlight without failing. The material should also be strong enough so that it doesn’t rip if someone brushes against it by accident when getting into the tent!

Spacious – When you are sharing a space with five other people inside of a small shelter like this for an extended period of time things can get cramped quickly! Make sure there is ample room available where everyone has access to their own personal storage area and privacy while still being close together at night. This way no one feels crowded by any means and all feel comfortable during their stay.

Zippers – Durable zippers are a must not only for these tents, but just about anything you purchase in life! The last thing that anyone wants is to have their tent break on them while they’re inside of it and the zipper fly open with no way of getting out until someone else comes along to help. This happens more often then one might think so be sure to check reviews before committing your money or time onto something that could potentially put your safety at risk.

Storage Space – One thing most people don’t really consider when buying any type of shelter like this is how much storage space there will be for personal items such as clothes, food, supplies, etc.. If you plan on bringing some of your belongings with you, it’s important to make sure that there is enough space for all of your things as well as some extra room so that others can take shelter if necessary.

Hassle Free Setup – In order to get a good night’s sleep after a long day in nature, one must have ease when setting up and taking down camp. No one likes struggling through the evening hours just trying to find where everything goes or fight against poles not wanting to stay put.

5 Best 6 Person Tents

Coleman Sundome Tent

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With plenty of space for six people, the Coleman Sundome Tent is perfect for a family or group camping trip. The quick and easy setup means you’ll be all set up in no time.

It provides extra protection from rain with an included canopy (with snap-in sides) that keeps you nice and dry inside. Built-in storage pockets keep your belongings organized so there’s never any rummaging around in the dark looking for your flashlight or first aid kit!

With the Coleman Sundome Tent, you can spend days out in comfort and enjoy a starlit evening. The patented welded floors and inverted seams of the WeatherTec System help to keep water out, providing a safe shelter for when it starts to rain.

The convenient dome design makes setup quick and easy, with ten minutes needed from start to finish.

Save your back with this snag-free continuous pole sleeve that attaches quickly without any set up hassles – simply clip poles into place for an insta-clip attachment that won’t let you down!

With plenty of room inside to stand or even move around freely, there’s no need to sacrifice space so everyone can be comfortable inside!

TIMBER RIDGE Family Camping Tent

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This spacious, elegant tent will provide you and your family with plenty of room for the perfect shangri-la.

With two sets of doors (front and back), this 72″ center height camping tent is designed to perfectly fit your needs. The large, 11′ x 9′ size can accommodate up to 6 people which means everyone can get a great night’s sleep at any given time!

Not only does this tent come in one color choice but it also boasts durable material that is water resistant and easy to set up anywhere.

A draft guard ensures added protection against wind coming through the top door all while providing ventilation thanks to side windows that are mesh window protected from flying insects keeping you safe even when sleeping outside during warm summer nights.

NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person Tent 

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The NTK Cherokee tent is a four-wall family tent that has a rainfly, D style door and weighs 15.2lbs.

Designed for quick & easy assembly the spacious one door model is perfect for all your needs with maximum comfort in mind with its 9.8ft x 9.8ft floor size giving you plenty of sitting room during rainy weather.

It also comes complete with 5000mm water column protection from the suns UV rays as well as being fully waterproof (with a 2500mm water column). Despite its weight it’s sturdy enough to support 6 people comfortably at 5’9″ high center height.

If you’re looking for great quality camping accommodation at an affordable price, then the 5-6 person NT is a good choice for camping tent.

CAMPROS Waterproof Windproof Family Tent

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CAMPROS Waterproof Windproof Family Tent is the perfect camping tent for any family. The size of 11′ x 7′ and 77 sq ft make it a great place to sleep with your friends or kids.

Moreover, the PU1000mm water-resistant material will keep you dry regardless of how much moisture is outside thanks to its high quality 1000 mm hydrostatic coating.

It also comes equipped with 4 mesh windows and 1 large mesh door so that even when you have lost your phone service, or can’t get a good wi-fi signal, you will still be able to enjoy nature’s beauty as if nothing were wrong at all!

The polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating guarantees that it won’t leak water under heavy rain so there’s no need to be scared during the light rain. This small and lightweight camping tent weighs 12 lbs and can be carried conveniently by one person as long as they’re not too tired before bedtime!

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6- Person Tent

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This ALPS Camp Creek 6- Person Tent is a great choice for your next outdoor adventure as long as you don’t even have to worry about the inclement weather.

The space outside of this bungalow-style 10 x10 peak height 84 inch tall, with four windows will give you plenty of room to stretch out in style and comfort, while almost doubling that if you were taking this bad boy camping at 3 day music festivals around the country.

Not only does it come with stake anchors and guy ropes included on all 4 corners, but there’s also an area within reach from inside the tent where organization has never been more convenient with 2 mesh storage shelves made just for organizing all those pesky cables or other items that always seem to have a way of getting lost.

You’ll have plenty of room for cots and extra space in the center for standing with straight side walls tall enough for proper ventilation even at 84 inches! On top of that, get four windows with mesh storage shelves plus convenient stakes to hold down your camp so it’s always dry inside. With weight of 23 lbs 8 oz this shelter will keep you safe from any storm at just 10′ x 10′ which includes an 84″ height. 

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