Best 5 Nexus 5 Cases and Covers

If you are looking for some good accessories for your Nexus phones, then you need to check out the reviews given out in this site. With the help of these quick overviews, you would be able to choose the best Nexus 5 accessories.

Nexus 5 Cases and Covers

Ringke Delight
Ringke Delight

This one is actually a delight and it comes with a free screen protector that is Ultimate ClearPlus. It is super slim and has a design that is completely form-fitting so that your device can be given the utmost protection. It also has a standing view feature that is built in, with slots for holding 2 cards so that your life can be made easier. The wallet case will have a magnetic closure that is flip styled. You would be able to protect the phone from the front and from back also. And, it made with Italian Faux leather which gives it a completely sophisticated design.

Spigen Nexus 5 texture case
This has a really soft feel and the surface has a matte finish with grips. There is an opening view in front cover which gives it easy access for using the multiple functions on the phone. There is also automatic sleep and wake function along with advanced technology of shock absorption.  The flip cover is a new innovation which enhances user’s experience with a built in window for viewing. The design is completely versatile and serves the utility, purpose and gives the protection as well.

Empire Signature series
This has a very exclusive design with a soft touch design. Inspired with the fashion forward in mind, the case design has a raised edge and there is an inner felt lining for protecting the device. It is a sleek case and very lightweight. The screen protector is also included with the case and there is also a microfiber cloth. It is a very durable case and comes in trendy designs and patterns.

Spigen Neo Hybrid
This is again a very nice case and is made up of Polycarbonate and TPU for giving it protection against drops and scratches. It has a very slim shape and looks quite stylish because of the metalized control buttons. With an advanced technology for shock absorption, it will help in preserving the original design of your phone. The high polymer cover and the hard polycarbonate frames are separate pieces which can be easily interchanged with the various color fames for giving it a customized look.

CellTo Premium wallet case
This is a wallet case and has 3 ID slots for keeping the cards. Each of the ID slot also has small circular openings so that you can slide the cards inside easily. And, there is also a built in stand which can be used for the hands-free media. It will give you complete functionality at very good prices. And, you can easily keep all the necessities in the same place.  You can store the receipts, cash or even the phone numbers.

With the help of the above cases, you would be able to give proper protection to your Nexus 5 phones.

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