5 Best 33 Inch Wide Refrigerators in 2023

We all have a fridge, and if you are like me then it is probably too small. I’m sure that many of us feel the need to upgrade our old fridges to something bigger with more space for storage. Today we will be reviewing 5 different 33-inch wide refrigerators that should suit your needs based on price, features, and customer reviews.

5 Best 33-Inch Wide Refrigerators

Kenmore 61212

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This is one of the most complete units on the market. You have the freezer on top and the refrigerator on the bottom. The freezer is quite large – 20.8 cubic feet. Shelves are conveniently located – based on glass, they are also removable, so you can accommodate large pans and bottles.

There are two clear crisper drawers for fresh fruits and veggies. The clean design at the back hides all the coils, so there is no dust accumulation – great for long-term maintenance. Other than that, you have LED lighting on the inside and good energy efficiency for your bills.

Danby DCR031B1WDD

Danby Designer DCR031B1WDD 3.1 Cu.Ft. Compact Refrigerator with Freezer
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You just cannot go wrong with Danby and one of its best 33-inch wide refrigerators. Given its size – 18x20x33 inches, this is rated as a mini-refrigerator. Its capacity is still impressive for its size though – around 3.1 cubic feet. It is suitable for tight places and small apartments. The recommended clearance around it should be about five inches.

The unit comes in more sizes, as well as different finishes and colors. It has its own fruit and vegetable crisper and covers. It has a good interior light and one shelf for extra versatility. The shelf can be adjusted around and is made of tempered glass.

Frigidaire Gallery FGHB2868TF

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Frigidaire has taken refrigerators to another level with this masterpiece. It is available in a few different finishes – silver and black stainless steel. It comes with French doors, so it opens up widely – make sure you have enough room around it, yet you do not necessarily need to open doors all the way to the back.

The fridge has 18.17 cubic feet in capacity. The freezer is located on the bottom – 8.7 cubic feet. On the inside, you have CrispSeal drawers, while the interior is fully adjustable due to its seven removable shelves. It is energy efficient and comes with storage on the doors too.

Kalamera Refrigerator

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Kalamera’s refrigerator is advertised to be a cooler. It can take about 154 cans, so it is large enough for small places too – whether you have a small kitchen or you live in an apartment. It has four removable wire shelves, so there is plenty of room for a week worth of food. The fridge measures 23x33x22 inches.

The unit will manage a constant temperature of 32 to 41 degrees F. You can store drinks, food, and all kinds of other things. It has a solid stainless steel door for extra insulation. It is also quiet, so it makes a good option for student rooms as well – whispers quiet operation.

Kenmore 50043

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Available in three different finishes and measuring 33x35x69 inches, this refrigerator comes with French doors and a built-in water and ice dispenser. The adjustable interior covers 25 cubic feet. You have door bins and a humidity-controlled crisper for fruits and vegetables.

The dual pad ice and water dispenser provides fresh water and ice whenever you need them. It has a water filter as well. Door bins are adjustable. While the fridge has glass shelves, the freezer comes with wire shelving.

What to Look For in 33-Inch Wide Refrigerators?

Thinking about buying a new fridge? I bet you have some questions. How much space do I need in my refrigerator? What can these refrigerators hold? Do they come with bells and whistles that will make the food last longer or just look nicer to me when I open it up? Are there any disadvantages of choosing one type over the other?

I will answer those questions for you and more. I’ll also give my personal opinion on each of the refrigerators that we are reviewing today so you can make a better decision about which one is best for your needs.

The first thing to consider is how much space you need in your refrigerator. For instance, if you’re single but have a big family with lots of kids or roommates then it’s going to be difficult to fit all of their stuff into one fridge when they come over to visit. You might want something bigger, 33″ wide is our best choice.

The other thing you should be thinking about is what features you want your refrigerator to have. For instance, some refrigerators come with bells and whistles such as an “easy find” vegetable drawer or door openings wide enough for gallon jugs. Other models may include spill-proof glass shelves that prevent any messes from spilling onto your floor below or even water filters in the fridge’s water supply line so that all of the food will stay fresh longer.

The last thing to think about is what you want the refrigerator’s color and style to look like. This can be a difficult question for some people because they might not know that their old fridge didn’t have a certain feature but now they’re looking at one of the same size – so it seems too big! That doesn’t mean you should get rid of your current refrigerator just yet though as there are plenty of stylish appliances out there in all shapes, colors, and sizes. If you don’t really care what style or color it has then go with GE since they seem to make them in every imaginable shade from white to black right up until bright red on silver-gray!

If none of those things are important then take into consideration how much noise this model makes because we don’t want our kitchen to sound like a helicopter landing pad each night.

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