5 Best 12 Sided Fidget Cubes in 2023

What is a fidget cube? A fidget cube is an object that helps people who are easily distracted or anxious to focus on other things. The device has six sides, each with different items to make it easy for someone’s fingers to play with. It was designed by Matthew and Mark McLachlan as a Kickstarter project in order to help their dad relieve stress. There are many different styles of cubes available, but we have picked 5 of the best 12 sided fidget cubes!

What to Look For in a 12 Sided Fidget Cube?

There are many things to consider when deciding on a fidget cube. This checklist may help:

Do you want something that can be taken apart or not? If so, is the object magnetic and will it damage electronics near it?

What size do you need? Smaller children may have trouble with larger cubes and vice versa.

Material type – How often will the item be used in public places such as schools or offices where metal objects are discouraged due to safety concerns? Will this object get dropped by accident frequently because of how light weight it is? Are there any chemical sensitivities to specific materials like plastic, wood, etc.? Does your desk/office allow for use of sharp objects?

Design – What are your own personal preferences in terms of design, color and shape? Do you want this object to be a conversation starter? Would it make sense to have more than one kind on display at the same time (i.e., multiple fidget cubes or different shapes/sizes)?

Price point – How much can you afford for an item that may not get used as often but is still important for those times when anxiety strikes unexpectedly? It’s okay if “Best” isn’t possible—think about what factors are most critical to consider first before making any decisions.

5 Best 12 Sided Fidget Cubes

Fidget Dodecagon Cube

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Want to relieve your stress, feel less anxious, make more clicks on social media? We have the product for you! The new Fidget Dodecagon Cube will not only take all of your anxiety away but also help increase your creativity.

You can use it whenever and wherever you are feeling stressed out or bored as it is small enough to fit in any pocket giving you a break anywhere. This cube features 12 sides with premium ABS or silicone which makes the fidget cube very durable and useful in any situation.

Relieve your built-up stress and anxiety with the fidget dodecagon cube. It has 12 sides, so the minds and fingers will never get bored for six hours. 

The Fidget Cube is made of premium ABS/Silica gel and comes in an easy to carry pocket size design that provide a smooth finish on each side; it feels solid in your hands but not overwhelming. Whether you’re at home or work – take some time out during stressful periods where nothing can appose the need for something else to occupy yourself with.

Auertu 12 Sided Fidget Cube

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If you’re looking for the best way to be creative and relive stress, then Auertu 12 Sided Fidget Spinner Cube is a great option. This product has many different combinations so there are always tons of new ways to get your creativity flowing when using it as a fidget spinner toy.

This fidget spinner cube includes gears, buttons, joystick switches and more to help relieve stress from your fingers while you’re on the phone or sitting in a meeting.

It’s small size makes it perfect for taking anywhere so you can have easy access when needed.

It is also ideal for children on the Autism spectrum or those who suffer from ADD/ADHD because it can help with anxiety relief and hand and brain stimulation.

VCOSTORE 12 Sided Fidget Cube

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The product aims at helping people who find themselves fidgeting in their seats, or with other objects – such as pencils and pens – by providing an entertaining toy that can occupy one hand without drawing much attention from others. Featuring six cube shapes on each face, a total of 12 different sides all sporting unique knurled patterns providing a deeply satisfying tactile sensation; this is your go-to choice whether you’re looking for something simple or complex! 

This unique fidget toy with a gripping surface helps make you feel more relaxed and focused. It’s the perfect gift for kids, adults, students, college students, or family members who have ADHD stress or anxiety.

WCZC 12 Sided Fidget Cube

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If you’re constantly on the go, then this 12-sided fidget toy is perfect for you. A multifunctional tool that fits in your back pocket or bag and can help with anxiety.

The WCZC Fidget Cubes are a 12 sided, stress relief toy that will keep your hands busy for hours on end. It includes the features of buttons, switches, and tabs to offer an extraordinary fidgeting experience.

These cubes take on our frustrations and help release them into something tactile with just the right amount of give in each finger press.

Ensure your hands are always busy by rotating one of its twelve sides with gears, buttons, joysticks, switches, soothes and stress balls! Spinners love to use them when they need some extra stimulation during high pressure situations like work or study time but they also come in handy if you have ADHD or migraines – not to mention it doubles as a helpful distractor at school for restless kids who just can’t settle down no matter what their teachers do.

Fidget Dice 12 Sided Cube

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Fidget Dice is a Toy that can be used as a stress reliever for the office, toy for kids, or putting off overwhelm at home. It’s made with high-quality Silicone and ABS materials to assure its safety and durability.

The product came up with innovative design of 12sides including Gears, Buttons, Joysticks and etc… There are different colors: “Knight” – Purple; “Superhero/Princess” – Pink ; “Football Player” – Yellow ect.. which provide various sensations from buttons on each side when spinning the dice also bring joy to you if you are one of those persons worry about something in life constantly .

It’s an excellent gift for your family or friends. Let them enjoy it!!!

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