5 Best Android Habit Tracker Apps

Do you have lots of things to do at home or in the workplace? Do you finish fewer tasks than you’re supposed to do? Whatever the case may be, a habit tracker application for Android phones plays a vital role in boosting your productivity. Here are some of the best options to try:

20 Best WordPress Plugin

You are wondering, “What do you need a WordPress plugin for if WordPress is already great as it is?” It is true that your WordPress website is already excellent as it is and you don’t need to add all plugins. However, you may need a few if you want to raise your website to a whole new level.

WordPress is remarkable, but a lot of the things that site owners love are still only available in the WordPress plugins available out there. What’s more impressive is there are so many that even right now, developers are making more to add to your choices.

But with so many options, it’s hard to pick the best. In that case, here’s a list of the best WordPress plugins that may suit your idea of the next level website.

Table of Content:
When it comes to security, a reliable backup system is one of the things you need. You can’t afford to lose data in both business and customers when something happened. A backup Wordpress plugin such as BackupBuddy can help you avoid this. One of the most reliable backup plugins, it can restore your site in only a few clicks.
In any website, SEO plays a huge role. SEO means optimized titles, focus keywords, Meta descriptions, URLs, etc. Yoast SEO is a plugin that puts all your SEO tasks just under the post editor. It can even measure your content’s readability, which helps make your site pleasant even to the youngest readers. With its powerful features, your site won’t be complete with Yoast SEO.
SEMRush is all about helping you find out more about your competitors. With using this plugin, you can check the keywords they are ranking, as well as their organic traffic. You can use these data to optimize your site’s content and improve your marketing strategy.
Google Apps for Work
Google Apps for Work is a plugin that is a suite of web apps. In this plugin, you have docs, email, spreadsheets, and more. It is a powerful suite created by Google that is cheap, hassle-free to use, and easy to deploy. Moreover, it lets you use the domain name of your business for emails.
Not all WordPress users agree with Jetpack saying it’s bad for your speeds. But really, it has great features and modules you’ll want for your site. As for the site speeds problem, just don’t activate all modules that add to your site each time a page loads. With a great hosting, you can take advantage of all its features meant to supercharge your site in unimaginable ways.
CSS is useful for giving the visual appearance of a website. CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin lets you customize your site’s theme without the need to learn about writing codes. You can just use this plugin and create a pleasing appearance that will catch the attention of potential visitors.
Adding a header or footer to your WordPress site can be a messy work. If you can’t do it right, your WordPress theme might break up. With WordPress Insert Headers and Footers, it is easy for you to add the code snippets for the header and footer without the need to edit theme files.
Landing pages are one of the things that make a website interesting. But without knowing how to code, how can you add one to your site? That’s what Beaver Builder is all about. It’s got a drag and drop builder tool, which makes it easy to create page layouts using the plugin’s simple interface.
FAQs might be essential when you’ve newly launched a site or a product. Quick and Easy FAQs is a site plugin that lets you add a new page with all FAQs. The FAQs can also grow as your customer base and product grows.
Shared Counts is a social media plugin. It lets you add social media sharing buttons to your WordPress site easily. It is known to work super-fast, not to mention it comes with just the social media platforms you use.
Constant Contact is an excellent email marketing service provider. With this plugin, you can create email lists and send emails to subscribers easily. Of all others like this plugin, it is the most beginner-friendly. You can quickly set it up with the built-in tools and incredible features it has.
The conversion rate is vital for a business owner to know if you’re making progress. OptinMonster is a plugin ideal for optimizing your conversion rate. It’s perfect to use for converting your leaving website visitors to become email subscribers. It’s got many success stories in growing its user’s email list and usher their business to success.
When it comes to maintenance page plugin, SeedProd is one of the best that WordPress has to offer. It has a real-time page builder, which gives you access more than 500, 000 background images, over 750 Google Fonts, and 50+ templates that are ready-made. In using this plugin, you can have full control of your site or give limited or full access to whoever you want.
Is your business about selling online courses? Then, LearnDash is the best WordPress plugin for you. It’s a WordPress LMS Plugin where you can easily create an online course to sell on your site. It’s easy to use with the drag and drop builder which makes it quick for you to add lessons, assignments, quizzes, etc. on the course you are making.
If it’s building online communities you want, then MemberPress is the WordPress plugin you need. It’s the best plugin that lets you add membership options to your site in an incredibly easy way. You can use this plugin to create subscriptions and even restrict content depending on the subscription plans of your users.
Who likes spam? No one and so does Akismet. This plugin is known to everyone as the ultimate spam assassin, capturing spams before they even show up your website. If you want, you can use it to moderate comments. It comes with all the incredible tools that allow you to deal with comment spam easily and categorically.
Users of WordPress could attest how slipper the platform could be. When you believe you finally have it all controlled, it’s when another hacker comes pestering you again. It is where Sucuri, a top-of-the-line security plugin, comes into play. With this plugin, you can have complete control of your WordPress site’s security and also reinforces the site’s existing security efforts.
WordPress allows you to create image galleries easily even without plugins. But as you probably already know, those galleries are basic. That’s what Envira Gallery plugin is all about, helping you create beautiful and responsive WordPress galleries. Using this plugin lets you make numerous galleries you can add anywhere along with other incredible features.
You may or may not know exactly what the caching business is, but it’s solely related to increasing the load speeds of a page. These days, you can’t have a slow website or your visitors are quick to disappear. Thankfully, there’s W3 Total Cache which allows you to have a faster website immediately, as long as you configured it right. Moreover, it’s got nifty features.
It’s essential for a business owner that your customers can contact you. That’s what WPForms offer you as a friendly contact form WordPress plugin. It’s easy to use with a drag and drop online form builder that lets you build any online form with only a few clicks. It’s perfect for any business site, especially with a free WPForms Lite version and Pro version as options.

The Honor View20 Will Have a 48MP Camera and an In-Display Hole; Available in 2019

The display notch was the big thing of 2018, and it appears that 2019 will be about the display hole. For example, Samsung developed the Galaxy A8s with the Infinity-O display. Now, Honor is putting its two cents in with the Honor View20. Honor asserts that its phone has a smaller in-display hole, but the phone may have some exciting features on its backside.

The View20 sports a huge 48MP back-end camera, which is powered by the IMX586 CMOS sensor that Sony developed. This sensor is designed for low-light pictures, using 0.8um pixel size and combining it four pixels into one for pictures taken in low light. This leads to a low light picture with a much higher resolution than one would expect to see.

Another great aspect of the Sony IMX586 sensor is its ability to zoom in on an object and still take a high-resolution picture. It also allows users to crop photos and maintain the same resolution.

The Honor View20 comes with the Kirin 980 chip provides the dual-ISP and dial-NPU that aids the camera even more.

The View20 comes with an “All-View” display with a 4.5mm wide in-display hole.

Honor developers created the “Link Turbo,” an AI feature that lets users download multiple items on either 4G or WiFi. Samsung phones have a similar feature, but the Link Turbo feature allows people to switch between the two options quicker.

Honor recently showed off the View20, but what it really entails will be seen Dec. 26 in Beijing and then on Jan. 22. Other rumors circulating about the phone include the 6GB of RAM and the EMUI 9. It stands to reason the Honor View20 will be one of the most sought-after smartphones in 2019.

Niantic To Develop PvP For Popular Pokémon Go Game

Niantic Head of Product Marketing Anne Beuttenmulller said Pokémon GO would get a Player vs. Player mechanism before the end of the year. She provided little details about this new feature, so it’s really a guessing game of how the feature will work. While some fans may be concerned, it won’t stop the excitement of many others who want to battle their friends in the game.

Pokémon GO developers recently allowed players the ability to trade Pokémon after two years of waiting for the feature. Although it was slow to be released, the latest features – so many useful ones – are being added to the game. One of the biggest requests by fans was the PvP mechanics – a necessity for many RPG series. With the knowledge that it’ll be making an appearance, many wonder if it’ll be the same old boring gym battles or something else entirely.

Hopefully, Niantic will have some great ideas in mind beyond the typical battles and the system will be a bit more in-depth.

It appears that the impending release of Pokémon GO on the Nintendo Switch the interest for Pokémon Go is rising once more. Since the games will be linked, the Pokémon players have captured will be added to the Pokédex for Pokémon: Let’s Go. It’s believed fans will once again walk the streets to catch their beloved Pokémon monsters and give the game some new life.  With PvP on the horizon, there is sure to be more players than ever before.

Telegram Developers Come Up With New Features For Its 5.0 App (Instant View 2.0, Design Changes, and Swipe Navigation)

The Telegram messaging app certainly does not lack in features, and its developers are continuously coming up with new features for users to try. While most social media messaging apps release one or two new features a year, Telegram offers new features on a monthly basis. What does Telegram 5.0 offer that’s new for users to enjoy?

One of the latest features is its custom languages,which ensures equal treatment to all linguistic communities around the globe. App users can use its translation platform to create a custom language pack for themselves. The developers hope the feature helps minority languages – Scottish Gaelic, Maori and Transliterated Klingon – to communicate with everyone else.

Another notable change is the Instant View 2.0,which allows users the ability to see web pages in a reliable way with practically no loading time. The latest update is built on the already-established feature with more support for image links, nested listed, collapsible text blocks, tables, etc.

Telegram users on Android phones also see a major design development. Users can now access shared media right from the profiles of individuals, groups and channels. Media previews are of high-quality, which has increased loading time. Additional information has been added to the links and files categories.

Any iOS or Android users who weren’t impressed with Telegram before may be so after the latest update.  What other great features have been added to the Telegram 5.0 app?

  • Swipe navigation ability when reading documents in image format
  • Zoomed-in feature for videos when in playback mode
  • Album covers in Shared Music and Playlists
  • Pinned messages in Saved Messages and small groups
  • Multiple improvements and minor repairs

Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition comes with a rear display, 10GB RAM, Snapdragon 845, and no front-facing camera

Changes are certainly happening within the smartphone industry – with bezels getting smaller and smaller. While the bottom and side bezels have been easy to do, it’s the top bezel that developers are having a hard time with. Why is that?It’s the hardware that associated with it– front-facing camera, earpiece speaker, ambient sensor, etc.

While some have gone with the notched forehead, it’s Vivo that announced its phone would have an automated mechanism that raises the front-facing camera. The company has announced a modification to its device noted as the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition. And, there’s no reason for an automated camera mechanism. 

With selfies all the rage, a smartphone without a front-facing camera won’t get very far with the public. And, it’s why many smartphone manufacturers have come up with their own unique way of reducing the top bezel and still provide a forward-facing camera.

With the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition model, there is no front-facing camera, and the top bezel has been shrunk. The manufacturer installed a display on the backside of the phone, which means users can take selfies and see how the picture will turn out.

Vivo made sure that, even though it eliminated the front-facing camera, it didn’t skimp out on the phone specifications. It comes with 10GBs of RAM; 128GB of storage space, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 3,500mAh battery. It also offers dual-SIM, a 3.5mm headphone port and in-display fingerprint sensor. The camera also has a Lunar Ring that will light up when users have notifications or give them lighting to take selfies.

For those interested, the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition will be available in China for $724 on Dec. 29.

10 Best Kpop Blogs

Now we present you 10 best blogs related to K-pop topics. In order to rate them accordingly, we measured the quality of the content, the frequency of the updates and the overall popularity on search engines and social media. The end result is as follows.

20 Best Android RPG Games

To all Android games lovers and aficionados, the following games will certainly give them the thrill, excitement, enjoyment and amazing overall Android RPG games:

Table of Content:
Do you want to successfully conquer the darkness before this conquers you? If yes, get started with the newest Darkness Rises games. The key features that make this game more exciting and engaging and exciting are the thrilling adventure RPG, phenomenal boss fights, character customization and the best RPG gaming experience. Take your Android game to the next level by downloading and playing the Darkness Rises now.
Heroes of Incredible Tales or HIT is the thrilling hack and slash action RPG Android game that can be played on mobile devices. This game is noted for its premium quality graphics designed Unreal 4 engine and fast paced actions. There are many stages that need to be fought through as well as four different classes, numerous equipment that need to be collected and real time PVP. There are also added modes which include Sanctuary and Tower of Trials.
The SoulCraft2 League of Angels is another best Android RPG games. With this game, players can choose one of the seven angels and protect the Earth from knights of hell and iron legions. Gamers can complete the multi-player against other gamers in the Social League. Become the best player of SoulCraft2 in the world. Download this game for free.
If you are fond of fantasy and adventurous role playing games, you can play the Dungeon Hunter 5. This game is also for those who have hunger to intensely slay the endless hordes of monsters as they explore magical strongholds and ancient crypts. Gamers will surely appreciate Dungeon Hunter 5 unmatched graphics, legendary powers and the many great options to explore. There are also rewards that await those skilled gamers.
Eternium is one of the best Android RPG Games. One of the features that make this game stand out from other mobile actions RPG is the effortless and convenient tap to move as well as innovative swipe to cast. This game is proven to be player-friendly and can be played online. What is more, playing this game is absolutely free and purchasing is optional.
This best Android RPG game delivers enjoyable combination of authentic tactical elements and plethora of premium quality contents. From the intense 3-D animations up to the stunning and exciting anime-styled cut scenes along with great voice acting and superb music, this game will surely excite and entertain gamers. You can play your cards right by mastering The Alchemist Code. This game is absolutely free to play however; there are some in game items that can be purchased with real money.
Another best Android RPG Game is released and called the Evoland 2. Starting from 2-D RPG and through 3D versus fight to shooter, trading card game and you will get your fill to jump from a genre to another. The game that is never boring is none other than Evoland 2. The game is backboned with interesting story that will allow gamers to travel through time and discover different video game technology and art styles.
If you wanted to experience joining an epic war of True Mages and fight for fate of their dying fantasy world, the Age of Magic is the game for you. Elves, Kobolds, Swamp Witches, Ra’Archness, and Angry Raccoon Mages are some of the many characters that await. The notable features of Age of Magic are the fast-paced battles, legendary heroes, PVP, and other modes that will test the gamers’ strategies and limits as well as numerous challenges to test their skills.
If you wanted some epic quest and intense battles, the Fire Emblem Heroes is the perfect game for you. This is another best Android RPG games features original and ongoing story wherein new and dozens of characters and battle-tested heroes from all over Fire Emblem universe. If you want intense battles, this game is a perfect pick. You can take part in turn-based strategic battles streamlining the on the go play with detailed maps in the palm of your hand.
This game introduces Immortals and Clans with other clan-based boss raids and players against the new enemy-the tremendous Immortals. With this game, players can progress over a thousand zones through defeating epic monsters and bosses, unlock 9 ultimately active skills that can be used in the battle, hire as well as level up dozens of heroes and each hero with special skills and more. These are just few of the many great experiences this game has to offer.
Almost a Hero-Idle RPG is another exciting and engaging RPG game where about 15 most useless idiots embark in a quest to be a bit useless idiots. This game gives you the chance to join the zeroes on quest to be heroes in the ancient land. This will set you off in an ultimately epic journey with unpredictable results.
This is Google Play’s excellent Android game. This gives gamers the chance to play with about 30 million players worldwide. The game features idle system wherein you can set your hero to training while you are away, evolving strategy that entails lots of fun to enjoy, tons of contents and more amazing features.
Tap Titans 2 is also one of the best Android RPG games that allow you to enjoy complete RPG experience even while on the go. You need to TAP in order to defeat the all-new 120 Titans in 10 hand-drawn and gorgeous realms. One of the things that make this game exciting is that gamers can unlock their skills to be able to power up the means on how they choose to play. If you win, you will get amazing prizes.
This game is a 3D MMORPG game delivering the perfect smartphone graphics. Gamers can enjoy its exhilarating and fantastic features like the sequential attacks, jump actions, smooth combination strikes and more. Gamers can also enjoy quests in MMO field and hunting monsters. This game is perfect for those who love action games for this is packed with exciting action scenes.
If you are looking for the best RPG game to enjoy with family or friends, the RPG Toram Online is an ideal choice. This allows you to create your very own characters based on your preference with the aid of the “skill system”. You can even customize your gear and weapon abilities. You can play this game online. To make it more exciting, you can explore massive 3D worlds with your close friends.
This is the biggest and best mobile RPG game available today. The Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG allow gamers to be reborn and travel into the road of redemption in entirely new story in the order and chaos open world. This game gives you the chance to join thousands of engaged players in fantasy journey with an aim of completing exciting multi-player quests.
The newest Onmyoji Arena is now finally out on Android and this game will surely captivate the interest and attention of a lot of gamers. This game is known for its great features such as tons of skills, convenient controls and settings, freedom to play to your heart’s contents and more.
Mobile Legend is a brand new and exciting 5v5 MOBA showdown against the real human opponents. This game features classis MOBA map, teamwork and strategies to help you win, fair flights, smart and reliable offline support and assistance and more.
The Paladins Strike is particularly designed for mobile. This game features 5v5 real time battles from top down view from players all over the world. With this game, you can choose from numerous game modes and then defeat your opponents through greater team tactics.
This is a free to play, breath taking and real time game packed with epic heroes and dragons and feature global communities of allies that are ready to protect and fight for you. The strategic depth, responsive and accurate controls and superior gameplay are just few of the many amazing factors that make this game one of the bests.

30+ Best Flutter Plugins

Flutter, developed by Google, is an open-source development framework for making multi-platform apps. Flutter allows beautiful apps to be developed for iOS and Android from a single code base. Depends on what type of apps you are going to build the following Flutter plugins will help you save a lot of time.

5 Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

Do you like to make a video blog? Then, you need to have best Vlogging camera to achieve your goals. Every blogger requires a quality Vlogging camera that enables him or her to capture HD video shots. It’s terrific to watch your videos in HD, and you might even take photos too!