Atomic Game Engine

Atomic Game Engine (AGE) is an open source game engine under permissive MIT License. It features a cross-platform editor with deployment to Windows, OSX, Linux, WebGL, Android, and iOS. Games can be developed using JavaScript, TypeScript, and native C++. C# support is in development.

Please note that Atomic is no longer actively being developed or maintained.

Official Resources:


  • 2D Module  – This module features fast sprite rendering, Box2D physics, and advanced lighting with shadows. The software comes up with built-in Tiled editor for 2D level creation. It also supports popular formats such as Spriter and TexturePacker.
  • 3D Module – It includes OpenGL/Direct3D renderers. The module supports advanced lighting with shadows, terrain, bullet physics, path-finding via navigation meshes, skeletal animation, and much more.
  • 3D Scene Editor – It is a full fledged drag-n-drop editor. User can modify 3D scene faster and easier.
  • Scripting – The game engine features standards compliant JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Integrated Code Editors – It features autocomplete, realtime feedback on syntax and runtime errors, and automatic code formatting.
  • Multi-Platforms Support – You can make games and export them to Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and WebGL.


There aren’t many tutorials about making certain type of games using ATE. I will update when there are more. For now, this post is like an introduction about a new game engine for those who haven’t known about it yet.

Atomic’s Examples
These are the quickest way to get started with several 2D and 3D examples. They are provided by Atomic Game Engine team and are available on GitHub.

Getting started in Atomic Game Engine
This is a series of Youtube videos which will guide you into ATE. They are recorded by Youtube user dragonCASTjosh.

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