Acting as your Hobby

Have you tried acting? How do you feel when you do it? We saw people acting during play, movies, and many more. Once we do act, we can express our feelings, and it is a good strategy also to release the bad vibes or even spread your happiness through it.

Why acting is a good hobby?

Acting is an activity that tells a story by expressing through an act in which there is an actress or an actor. It can be heard or see like on the television, theater, film, and radio. Making acting as one of your hobbies has a benefit that can give you like:

It improves your speaking skills

By performing and talking in front of everyone will help you improve your public speaking that includes the volume, expression, and modulation. It also enhances your verbal and non-verbal skills.

It improves self-confidence

Not everyone wants to be in the center of the stage. Some are afraid of performing. Well, with continuous performing not only on stage but also in front of others, can improve your self-confidence. Acting can help you with it. You can by looking yourself into the mirror while acting and then continue acting with your family fiends until you overcome fear in performing in front of the audiences.

It improves memorization

Since acting requires dialogue, there are scripts, lines, and blocking that you need to remember. You will need a memorization technique to remember everything that you need to do and say. Acting will not only improves memorization but also, they can do multitasks because of it.

It increases good teamwork mentality with colleagues

Working together with your colleagues can improve your teamwork mentality, which is important to reach or accomplish your teams’ goals.  Getting coordinated with each other and knowing which of which is your part, helping each other is one example of a teamwork.

You can have new friends

Performing is fun when you act together with your colleagues. Attending acting workshops is a big chance that you can meet new friends. Whom you will share most of the acting skills.

Whether you act because it is your hobby, you want to conquer your fear, or you want it to be your future profession, the most important thing is you are enjoying what you do. Acting is for everyone who wants to act. If you want to learn, don’t hesitate to attend or enroll in an acting class and have fun.

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