8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller Review

With retro gaming making a comeback, I was particularly interested in the launch of SNES’s latest controller – the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro gamepad. This newer model is compatible with a whole range of platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, and of course Nintendo Switch.

The thing that will strike you about its physical appearance is that it not only looks like a modern controller, but it looks like a Super Nintendo controller. For the folks who grew up playing ‘Super Mario’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’, this is going to take you on a trip to nostalgia.

Apart from that, 8BitDo has set the bar for third-party controllers, because the response from the gamepad is always impressive no matter what platform it is being operated on so much as though it feels like you are using a wired device.

I have compiled a list of points concerning the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro where some are great, and some are not so great, so if you are curious about this gamepad, I would suggest that you read along.

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  1. Design: As I have already mentioned that the model is striking on its own because of its similarity with the original Super Nintendo controller. But along with the familiarity, the 8BitDo SF30 Pro comes with two analog joysticks at the bottom accompanied by motion sensors and vibration motors on the inside. Compared to the earlier models of the SNES models, this version of the controller comes packed with everything you could hope to find in a universal gamepad. It is also important to note that the 8bitDo SF30 Pro controller is a little thicker in contrast to the previous SNES models. Moving on, instead of the usual two buttons on the shoulders of the gamepad, the SF30 Pro has four buttons, two on each side for l2 and r2. These buttons are curved which makes it comfortable for the fingers.
  2. Versatility: Upon testing this controller on Android, Mac, and Windows, the response was phenomenal, and the addition of the joysticks at the bottom brought compactness to the experience of playing a game on the platforms as mentioned earlier. Additionally, it works on the Switch perfectly as well; because it has every bit of functionality that the Pro Controller provides besides the NFC (which I feel is not a life-threatening situation).
  3. Inclusive quality: Users of Xbox and Play Station users can switch to this controller for their respective consoles because the reason that most of them don’t turn to the SNES controllers is that of the missing buttons for triggers. But with the additional two shoulder buttons, this model is perfect for your mainframe.


  1. Size: The size of the controller is quite slim so people with large hands can fumble about and may find the buttons very close to each other. Also in another case, the controllers for Xbox and PlayStation come with handles, so the users who are accustomed to that will also find it difficult to cope with the slim design.
  2. Lack of HD Rumble: The 8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller is able to provide rumble feedback while playing Switch games, however, it does not feature the more advanced HD Rumble technology more commonly seen in more modern controllers. This means that its feedback is not as powerful or detailed as what you would get from an HD Rumble-enabled controller.

Final Verdict

Overall, this controller fulfills all the areas of a suitable controller, and the complaints are minor for the points listed above. I feel like they can be overlooked and this can prove to be a requirement for any amateur gamer or a professional gamer.

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