5 Best Apps for the Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 3 and 4 are amazing on their own, and the Galaxy Note 5 is a fantastic device but if you’re looking to really make the most out of your devices, there are five apps that are almost a necessity.


This app is so much fun! You actually lose hours of your time with it, so consider yourself warned. Kaleidoscope lets you convert images being shown on your camera and updates the effects as you play with them. You can distort your world, create an alternate reality, or a dystopian future. You can also use photos already on your device. Kaleidoscope allows for S Pen integration, which is a great tool when creating your designs. Kaleidoscope is a free app with no advertising or in-app purchases and does not require an internet connection.

Map Note

Perfect for giving directions to that one friend or family member who seems to always get lost, Map Note brings you the ability to draw images and notes directly onto google maps. It’s a great way to assemble large groups of people in one place or show a designated meeting place. This app does require the S Pen to be used, so it’s limited to the Galaxy Note line. Map Note is a free app with no in-app purchases and no advertising. It also does not require an internet connection.

Swiftkey Keyboard

The Swiftkey Keyboard is certainly one of the best keyboards available on Android phones. It provides tons of themes and extra settings, and its predictive abilities are almost unbelievable. It works quickly, is extremely customizable, and works almost perfectly. Additionally, it’s exceptionally well-suited for the Galaxy Note 4 because the keyboard can be deployed in a multitude of ways and moved around the screen. The Swiftkey Keyboard is free and does not include advertisements, but it does have in-app purchases and requires an internet connection.

MyScript Calculator

Hey, math fans! Do you like calculating numbers? If so, you (and everyone else, you never know when you’re going to have to find the square root of something) should definitely try out the MyScript Calculator. It allows you to draw in the numbers and math symbols that you’re using and the MyScript Calculator will calculate them automatically. It’s intuitive, great for students and adults, and runs flawlessly. The MyScript Calculator is free and does not inundate you with advertisements.

SIGNificant Signature Capture

This nifty little app allows you to sign documents electronically by recording “forensically identifiable signatures.” This means it captures the acceleration, speed, and rhythm of your writing and can be used to identify your signature. This app accepts PDF formats and you can sign them just like you would if you had printed them out on paper. SIGNificant Signature Capture is free to download, with in-app purchases.

If you’re looking to get more out of your Galaxy Note 5, check out these apps—there’s no excuse to not do it—they’re free! Have fun with Kaleidoscope, give directions with Map Note, improve your typing interface with Swiftkey Keyboard, and make your life easier with MyScript Calculator and SIGNificant Signature Capture.

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