10 Big Changes Coming to Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 will be available in September 2019 but a lot of information were already revealed, esp new changes to the 4th game in the series. 

  • Multiple Action Skills: In previous games, each player has 1 Action Skill. In Borderlands 3, every character has 3 different Action Skills. The skill is also available at level 1. 
  • New element type: Slag from Borderlands 2 wont cone to this game. Instead, Radiation is introduced. If an enemy dies from Radiation, it will explode into an AOE which might cause damage over time to any contacted enemies. 
  • No additional Vault Hunters after launch: The developers want to complete the game first and prefer to add abilities to current Vault Hunters than to add new classes.  
  • Mantling: players can climb objects and buildings.
  • More planets and new hub: Players can finally leave Pandora to explore new planets. Hub location, Sanctuary 3, is a spaceship.
  • New voice actor for Clap Trap: David Eddings who originally voiced Claptrap had left the company.
  • Guardian Ranks: This new feature replace the old Badass Ranks. It is locked until players complete main storyline. 
  • Hub decoration: On Sanctuary 3, players can decorate their own room with guns and pull them down any time.
  • Interactive environment: Players can electrocute water puddles or light oil on fire. Attack an elemental barrel with melee send it flying toward a targeted direction.
  • Secondary firing mode: Some weapons have 2nd firing modes. A pistol can shoot rockets, a gun can switch elements.

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