What is DLC Season Pass?

DLC referred to as downloadable content are highly seen in almost all modern games. These content are developed as an add-on or extension to games and they are available to purchase individually. They can be anything from new maps, new missions, new weapons, to enhanced features such as bonus golds. Continue reading “What is DLC Season Pass?”

10 Best Software for PC Gamers

The world of gaming is enthralling. Ask any gamer, and they will tell you that the most crucial thing in their lives is the game they are playing.

While you may think that the features of your computer and graphic card are the only things that guarantee the perfect gaming experience, the truth is that various software also play a pivotal role. Here are some of the best software that every PC gamer needs in their life. Continue reading “10 Best Software for PC Gamers”

Top 5 MOBA Games for PC

Although MOBA is a pretty new genre when compared to others in the gaming industry, it’s safe to say that there are lots of great titles to play within this category. In fact, most of these games are free of charge, so they tend to have a massive player base. But the interesting thing about these games is that their players are very loyal, and they tend to dedicate hundreds or even thousands of hours to that same game, without looking for a replacement. What games will you be able to spend 100+ hours in if you like the MOBA genre? Here you have some of the most interesting MOBA experiences on the market. Continue reading “Top 5 MOBA Games for PC”

How to Play Demon’s Souls on PC

Playstation 3’s life cycle has been ended but there are many gamers who still keep the console at home. The reason is simple, there are many great games which have never been ported to PC or a new generation console. Demon’s Souls is one of them. Even though all Dark Souls titles already came to PC, its Souls brother, Demon’s Souls, still remains a console exclusive game until now. Continue reading “How to Play Demon’s Souls on PC”