Top 5 Tricky Games for Android

Quiz games are popular among casual gamers. Among them, games with tricky questions are fun to play and require players to think in a unique way in order to solve problems.  Following are the best 5 tricky games you can find on Android store

How to Remove Related Videos from Embedded YouTube Video

As you already knew, there are many similar videos displayed at the end off an embedded Youtube video. It is a great feature because users can continue to watch similar videos. However, it is not always ideal in some situations. When you make a business video, you don’t want to show related business at all. The solution is to disable suggested videos. Following are 2 ways you can remove related videos from an embedded Youtube video.

Top 10+ Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is considered to be a dominant internet browser currently with over 60% of the population opting for it as their go-to browser. There are various extensions that can be added to Chrome which serve to enhance the features of the browser.

Top 10 Firefox Addons

Firefox is a quality internet browser that is used by many around the world. This doesn’t mean that it is perfect. All its imperfections can be perfected by adding quality extensions to it. Here are the top ten Firefox addons that are worthy of being installed.

6 Best GoPro Accessories

Accessories are something that can make an action camera so much better. But, there are so many of them so getting the most suitable one may be more complicated than you can imagine. Below are 6 GoPro accessories which can truly make an action camera more useful.

5 Best Small Form Factor PCs

Mobility has always been a big issue for both professionals and casual PC users. As a response to this growing need, the IT industry has developed several new categories of devices that offer varying degrees of flexibility in terms of mobility. Of all these, one type of device stands out due to the fact that it finds the perfect balance between raw processing power and flexibility:the small form factor PCs, or the mini PCs. Following the best small form factor PC brands.

Top New Features in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update has been among us for a few weeks and we have the latest details about this, afamous project known also as Redstone 3 (codename). There are a few all new features and there are several improvements. Now, we will discuss them.

What is Windows.Old Folder And How to Delete It?

Some users have the windows.old folder and some don’t. Why? The folder in question is only present on computers which have been upgraded from a previous version of Windows, starting from Windows Vista. In a case you have installed a new operating system from scratch, you won’t have this folder.

What Is An Action Camera And Which Specs Matter When Choosing It?

What is an Action Camera?

Action cameras are designed to record action at any given moment. They are usually waterproof or come with a case which provides them this feature. The design itself is focused on loop recording mode, allowing for a user to record video without the adjusting the camera or use its controls. Furthermore, they are capable of recording fast movements and actions, therefore the name, action cameras. In addition, they are commonly associated with sports and recreation.